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Spreading Bearded Cheer.....One hair at a time!

So I began a new thing, I refer to it as "The Beard of the Day". There is so much ick going on in the world and our society today I think we all could agree. I decided to celebrate those beards I see as I am out and about. I see a guy in store and sometimes he too will share the commonality of rocking a face blanket. I may give a head nod or he may give it to me, either way there is a mutual respect for the beard. I created some tiny trophies if you will. A small wooden and of course Lasered token of my appreciation. I want the world to know that bearded is better!

Pictured here are two beards of the day. When they woke up in the morning they did not know they would be famous at the end of the day. Either way both were very excited and appreciated the gesture.

To get the beard of the day award it doesn't mean you have the neatest, or most groomed perfectly shaped beard. Being bearded is more than growth. Its about a confidence and a swagger, so even if you have some bald patchy spots, or you have more face than hair growing it's ok. Just keep your eyes peeled for the bearded Lasermobile and you may just be awarded a trophy for all of your hard work and patience.

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